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"It hurts to let go. Sometimes it seems the harder you try to hold on to something or someone the more it wants to get away. You feel like some kind of criminal for having felt, for having wanted. For having wanted to be wanted. It confuses you, because you think that your feelings were wrong and it makes you feel so small because it’s so hard to keep it inside when you let it out and it doesn’t coma back. You’re left so alone that you can’t explain. Damn, there’s nothing like that, is there? I’ve been there and you have too. You’re nodding your head."

- Henry Rollins, The Portable Henry Rollins (via observando)


"If all else perished, and he remained, I should still continue to be; and if all else remained, and he were annihilated, the universe would turn to a mighty stranger."

- Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights (via observando)


Cabin in Autumn by Stephen Hoppe || Website || Facebook


1. Don’t treat your body like an alarm clock coming off; someone will want to wake up with you for the next ten thousand lifetimes or so.

2. You are not made of stones falling from sky. You came there yourself.

3. Sometimes it’s easy to mistakes rocks for bones, either way they will break, and so will your heart, but time heals and so will you.

4. You are not a coffin maker who becomes rich out of deaths; you are the flower that grows beside the grave of sad smiles, making them feel less alone.

5. This is one truth: You cannot purchase the sky.

6. This is another: Like the sky, you cannot be bought too.

7. Your father would’ve wanted you to marry a good man, even when he wasn’t one.

8. Treat your collarbones and ribs differently other than being a prison cell, for they are satin’s and laces to begin with and they will hold your heart the same way it holds a gem.

9. You are not a death row pardon two-minutes-too-late. You are beautiful.

10. I’m not saying this to get inside you. I’m saying this because you are so much more.


- Kharla M. Brillo, when I got words as antidepressants
(via pouvoires)

(via pouvoires)